Design your own

 You doodle it, I’ll plush it!

This is where you get creative with your own (simple!) designs, send me the drawings, thoughts and ideas on colours/fabrics ect and I sew it up  into a plush toy.. taa daaaa!

.… just let your imagination flow …. or let your child draw their own monster or character ….

These make  fabulously  unique gifts.

So go on…why not give it a go?  I’d love to see your ideas!


Prices start at £40, depending on complexity of design/size /fabrics used etc. Click here to send me your drawings and fill out a design detail form.


 Please have a peruse through some custom doodles I’ve already sewn into plush toys….


Harry’s design


Leah, Micheal and Alice’s designs


Jo’s designs 



Sam’s design


 Becca’s design

Lucy’s design

Paula’s design 


 Cary’s design