Im back!


Feels like aaaages since I ve sewn, due to a broken machine. But all is well again now and I’m back on it, catching up with orders!

Today I made this Mermaid skirt….














Hot off the machine!

This pretty Springtime cushion from the Mermaid collection, sold within minutes of completing …. hot off the machine!

These cushions can be made any colour scheme/ theme , so if you have a request just contact me using the contact form









Pants on Fire!!!

Pants on Fire!

So, some of you may have heard that I had a bit of a FIRE disaster earlier this year…?

burnt tumble dryerWith all of the horrendous snow and rain we’ve just not been able to line-dry, and I was running out of clean knickers (as you do) so I thought I’d try out the new tumble-dryer which I had treated myself to when we moved to North Cornwall last year. I was about to pop out, when I saw smoke coming out of the garage roof … to my absolute horror, the tumble dryer was ablaze, I lost everything in there, but was so lucky I saw smoke before I set off on the school run! 

Melondrops with new pantsALL of my underwear was in THAT MACHINE, eeeks, my knickers and socks were all a bit black and charcoaly!…. I posted a photo of my burnt out tumble-dryer onto my facebook page, and before I knew it, the wonderful ethical lingerie brand *Who Made Your Pants* was offering to come to my rescue. LOVE them!

Melondrops and new pantsBecky, the lovely founder of *Who Made Your Pants* had spotted a tweet showing a tangled mess of a burnt out tumble dryer and my sad plea at my distinct lack of underwear! and duly donned her super-hero mask and cape, and can you believe, sent me a massive box of the most beautiful underwear I’ve ever owned in my life!  

If you don’t know  Who Made your Pants, please check them out, they are a fabulous social campaigning lingerie brand based in Southampton, who support women in difficult circumstances, primarily refugees, find employment via positions at Who Made Your Pants.

So a massive thank you to Becky, and to Ali on twitter, for sharing my knicker-misery so publically on her social media platforms! And let’s hope my little boy’s fire-nightmares stop soon, he was been super traumatised by being the little hero who spotted the flames, and we’ve been trying to make light of it, for his sake, so this has really helped.


Becky has also been supporting Team Honk (three awesome bloggers, Penny, Annie and Tanya who raised an amazing amount of money for Comic Relief Friday 15th March, by wearing Becky’s red pants, (over their trousers!) to climb up Mount Snowdon for the Red Nose Day charity.

Becky says: We *love* that we’ve connected with them as we were part funded by Comic Relief some time back. We were awarded £5778 to pay for a trainer for our team, to deliver and embed technical and employability skills for a period of time. That work made a huge difference to the women we support. And we love – love – that we have been able to close the circle by, in a tiny way, being part of giving something back.




Cazza’s birthday Melonbird!



To order your Melonbird  in your own choice of colours/ fabrics click here: 





Lisa’s Mermaid cushion to match her shoes!

Happy birthday Lisa! 

I made this Mermaid cushion especially for Lisa to celebrate … by chance I found her a lovely pair of shoes to match!


IMG_7551 IMG_7546


An Owl for Sharon


This little twit – twoo was made especially for Sharon, to go with her new red kitchen!






New Twit Twoo owls!



 Two new owls hot off the Melon machine!

If you fancy adopting an owl of your own just let me know…. you can the choose colours and fabrics.

Lily's gifts

This is lovely Lily, my beautiful niece with her Melon birthday gifts.

Love you Lilykins! x


Make your own Cuddle drop


Just to remind you all about these lovely books. (available on Amazon)

Amongst lots of lovely little sewing projects there is a pattern for a ‘Cuddle Drop’ by Melon

Why not have a go? …. and if you do I’d love to see!


100 Pretty Little Projects













Pretty Little Pillows




Twit twooooo!

First owl of 2013! 

Twit twooooo!