Treat yourself – or someone else, to a delicious Melon creation!

Each piece is designed/created and handmade from scratch by me.

 Squishy plush Sleepy Clouds and Rainbows,  sweet little Melondrops,cute Cornish Pasty plushies, Twit Twoo Owls and beautiful Melonbirds, … super sweet Melon Mermaid skirts and Beach Treasure mobiles….

…..They all make totally sweet and wonderfully unique gifts for anyone….big or small 

I love love love making personal bespoke items, so if you have any ideas about specific fabrics/colours/designs – hit me with them! (Cick here to use Contact Form)

How about making a bespoke item extra special by adding an embroidered name or message  


Have fun browsing through the Melon shop…..and be sure to call back again soon as im frequently updating and adding lovely new items. 


Ellen x


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